Libertarians in the GOP: Part II

Back in March, I wrote an article about Libertarians in the GOP.

In that article, I expressed my doubts that working within the GOP to advance the cause of liberty was viable and that I felt it would be a lost cause.

However, I have come to a conclusion that I could be wrong on this issue. People like Dax Ewbank and Anna Flatt are working from within and have done great things for the cause of liberty by running for elected office, much to the chagrin of the establishment wing of the GOP.

I still believe that the establishment does not want libertarians in their party. I still believe that the establishment will do everything they can to keep the libertarian ideology from becoming dominant in their party. I also still believe that some people in the Republican will continue to co-opt and taint the word liberty itself.

I further have come to the conclusion that there are some, like Dax and Anna, who are working within the party and doing what they can to advance the cause of liberty and are sincere in their attempts.

I would like to apologize to anybody that took offense to any of my comments in the aforementioned article.

Just keep doing what you are doing. As the old quote goes, the end justifies the means.

Good luck all you libertarians working within the GOP.

One thought on “Libertarians in the GOP: Part II

  1. I follow OK politics even though I live in Texas because I have friends and family who live there. I have met Dax and Anna and believe the values they represent will do Oklahoma a great deal of good! Liberty is not easily won back once it is taken and from what I have witnessed and read the Republican Party in Oklahoma needs a serious jolt. I set here in Texas and can do nothing but watch as Mary Fallen sells my grandbabies education down the river with the common core garbage to line her pockets and make back door deals while doing nothing for the landowners on the border fighting the BLM with their illegal land seizures. What is that Woman thinking? She is not good for Oklahoma. Dax Ewbank and Anna Flatt are so much more in line with conservative values of Oklahoma’s and are more in touch with the people they represent. The CPR for the GOP are Ewbank and Flatt.

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