Top 4 Films of Ray Stevenson

ray-stevensonHappy Birthday Ray!








1. Punisher War Zone

This comic book film based on the vigilante Punisher was released in 2008 and directed by Lexi Alexander. It was not a sequel to the 2004 Punisher film with Thomas Jane, it was a re-boot. It is actually my favorite of all the Punisher movie attempts that have been made. Ray Stevenson played the title role in this film. Also in the film were Wayne Knight as Microchip and Dominic West as Jigsaw.

2. The Book of Eli
2010 post-apocalyptic action film directed by Albert and Allen Hughes. Ray played the role of Redridge, henchman for the main villain Carnegie, who was played by Gary Oldman. Denzel Washington played the role of Eli. Also in the film were Nila Kunis and Jennifer Beal.

3. Thor
Kenneth Branagh directed this 2011 superhero film. Ray played Volstagg. The title role was played by Chris Hemsworth. Also starring in this film were Natalie Portmand, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgard, Rene Russo, Anthony Hopkins, and Jaimie Alexander.

4. GI Joe Retaliation
2013 military action film directed by Jon Chu and based on the GI Joe comic and toy lines. Rays played the Cobra saboteur and demolitions expert Firefly. Also in this film were Dwayne Johnson, Ray Park, Bruce Willis, and Byung-hun Lee.

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