Once upon a time in history (5.8.14)

In 1886, Coca-Cola is first sold in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally sold as a medicine and was intended to cure headaches, impotence, and morphine addiction. It was invented by Colonel John Pemberton.


let-it-beIn 1970, the Beatles’ released their final album Let It Be. Although it was the last album released, it was not the last album recorded. Let It Be was recorded prior to the release of 1969s , Abbey Road. It was intended to be released before Abbey Road but the band was not pleased with the mix. It was re-mixed by Phil Spector. It was ranked #392 in the Rolling Stone’s 5000 greatest albums of all time in 2012. It peaked on the US Billboard Album Chart at #31, on the UK Albums chart at #6, and has sold over 4 million copies in the United States alone. Some highlights from the album include the title track, “Two of Us,” “The Long and Winding Road,” and “Get Back.”




Also in Beatles history today, in 1969, John, George, and Ringo signed a management deal with Allen Klein. Paul refused to sign with him.


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