Quote of the Day (5.5.14)

“Record labels…are essentially irrelevant…The process of a band exposing itself to the world is extremely democratic and there are no barriers. Music is no longer a commodity…Consumers have much more choice…They only bother with music they like….people can make music in their garage and reach their audiences through YouTube, BandCamp and any number of internet avenues. You can literally have a worldwide audience for your music…with no corporate participation…”

— Steve Albini, musician and producer


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day (5.5.14)

  1. Albini makes a great point. Artists are finding audiences in all kinds of new ways now. That having been said, I’m not so sure that record labels are completely irrelevant. Amazingly a lot of people still find new music through traditional radio and that as an industry that is completely in bed with the major record labels.

  2. I wonder what the ratio between people finding music in “traditional” ways are as opposed to those finding music via the internet?

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