Son Of It’s Your Fault


Son Of It’s Your Fault


This article’s father (It’s Your Fault) can be read by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Son Of It’s Your Fault

  1. Saying that the country is in bad shape because of the apathy of the populace makes for great rhetoric but doesn’t really address the complexity or the reality of the issues at hand. Yes the public holds a big share of the blame but so do those in power. The reality is that this mess that we are in is exactly that, a big fat mess that was caused by a lot of different hands and is going to take a lot of serious time, thought, and energy to clean up. Sadly things like serious thought are not in great abundance these days.

  2. I agree that those in power share a great deal of the blame. The point I was trying to make is that it is an apathetic and uninformed public that keeps these people in power so they are guilty as well.

  3. Agreed. My earlier comment was harsher than I intended it to be. There’s a reason that I rarely discuss politics online anymore.

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