OKC Mayoral Endorsement


It is in a time such as this that I actually am disappointed that I don’t live in Oklahoma City. You see, I live in Edmond so, unfortunately, I cannot vote in this year’s mayoral election.

If I could though, I would absolutely vote for Dr. Ed Shadid.

Mick Cornett, or as the Red Dirt Report calls him Mick Chickens, is not the right man for the job. He is incredibly non-transparent in his administration. Spending by the city government has at least doubled since he took office.

To me, he is a typical crony capitalist whose administration is bought and paid for by the corporate interest. His donations come almost entirely from lobbyists, PACs and special interest and he returns these favors by awarding these groups tax breaks, aka corporate welfare.

As a mayor, he seems almost apathetic about the fact that the city’s schools are a complete wreck.

On the other hand, Dr. Shadid espouses the diversity of the city and will take Oklahoma City on a much-needed different path. And almost as important, he tends to shy away from the corporate interest by refusing contributions from corporate and special interest groups. His administration will break the cycle of lobbyist control of Oklahoma City and that alone makes him a better man in my book.

As Mr. Bob Dani said in his recent Oklahoma Gazette article, Dr. Shadid is “clearly the best candidate.”

On March 4, if you live in the Oklahoma City area, you need to vote for REAL improvement in Oklahoma City. You need to vote in favor of the people of Oklahoma City rather than in favor of the corporate interests that have a stranglehold on city politics.

You NEED to vote for Dr. Ed Shadid.


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