Currently Watching: 24


I haven’t done one of these “Currently Watching” posts since October 2011 when I did one for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Lately, I have been watching the TV series 24. I never watched it when it originally aired. I’m not sure why. I imagine it was mostly because during its original run I really didn’t watch too much TV. But only halfway through the first season, I am wishing that I had watched it during its original run.

24 of course is a political thriller show that follows the exploits of federal agent Jack Bauer, who is played by Keifer Sutherland. It originally ran from November 2001 to May 2010 on Fox. There were 8 seasons of 192 episodes. There was also a made-for-television film called 24: Redemption that took place between seasons 6 and 7.

The film was original in that the events took place in real-time. That is, each episode covered a period of one hour in Bauer’s day and each season covered one day in his life. Very interesting way of doing things.

I’m not the biggest fan of cop type shows (i.e. Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, etc…) but this one really grabs me. Maybe it’s writing on this show that does it for me. Maybe it’s the political aspect of things that are going on in the show. Maybe it’s the real-time angle that they take. Whatever it is, I am really loving this show.

A 12 episode mini-series (sort of) is scheduled to begin airing in May 2014 and will be called 24: Live Another Day.

Hopefully I will be caught on all of the previous 8 seasons before that series begins airing although I’m not optimistic about it.

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