Should Cuban Trade Embargo End?

I just closed down the poll to see who my readers support for the open U.S. Senate seat being vacating by Senator Tom Coburn. The winner of that poll, with 80% of the vote is Jason Weger (no big surprise that it is the non-politician that won). James Lankford, also not surprisingly, received 0 (zero) votes.

The next poll that I would like to conduct is to determine how many people are in favor of ending the trade embargo with Cuba.

Here is a little background. The trade embargo was implemented in October 1960 after the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro took over. It was originally an embargo on exports to Cuba not including food and medicine. Two years later, in February, the embargo was extended to include all imports from Cuba. Because of this embargo, American businesses are forbidden from doing business with Cuba and American citizens are forbidden from traveling to Cuba. The later policy, however, has been relaxed in order to allow Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba.

From what I understand, the original reasoning behind the embargo was because when the communists took control of the country, they confiscated property that were owned by the United States. So if this is correct, I would have to describe this as as way to punish Cuba. However, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce, the embargo costs our economy over $1 billion a year in lost sales and exports. According to most reports, this amount is more than what it costs the Cuban economy. So how is that punishing Cuba?

Here is an interesting article that I found about the actual costs of the embargo. Dollars & Sense: Real World Economics – The Costs of the Embargo by Margot Pepper

So what do you think? Should the embargo be lifted? Is it really worth the cost anymore?

Go vote on the poll and let me know. The poll is in the upper right-hand corner of this website. Happy voting!

Here are some other articles where you can read about the embargo:

Wikipedia article about the embargo against Cuba

ProCon.Org – Should the United States Maintain Its Embargo Against Cuba?
Interesting tidbit from this article: Did you know that President Kennedy bought 1200 Cuban cigars the night before he signed the trade embargo?

Huffington Post – US Cuba Trade Embargo: Americans Should Be Allowed to Travel to Cuba

Cato – Four Decades of Failure: The US Embargo against Cuba

The Hill – Marco Rubio: US Should Keep Trade Embargo on Cuba


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