Clark Jolley Announces Run for Congress

To say that I am not a fan of State Senator Clark Jolley would be an understatement.

So it is with a very loud groan that I hear he has announced a bid for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District to replace Congressman James Lankford.

McCarville Report – Jolley Joins 5th District Fray

Lankford of course recently announced he is going to run for US Senate to replace the retiring Dr. Tom Coburn.

According to the above article published by The McCarville Report, others that have announced intentions to fill the CD5 seat are Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas, former State Rep Shane Jett, former State Senator Steve Russell, former Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth, State Senator Al McAffrey, State Rep Anastasia Pittman and Tom Guild.

There is one thing good about the idea of Clark Jolley going to Congress though. He will be Washington D.C.’s problem, not ours.

The next question to begin asking is if he wins the seat, who is going to run to replace his seat in the Oklahoma State Senate?

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