Further Discontent with the GOP

Believe me when I say that I am not the only person that became severely discontent with the GOP, specifically the OK GOP within the past few months.

Just to get you caught up on this in case you haven’t been reading my blog regularly…

I wrote I Think It’s Time to Go in October, where I discussed why I was possibly on the way out. I followed that one up with Elephant Off My Back, in November, where I officially (and obviously publicly) announced my “resignation” from the GOP.

But it appears that I am not alone.

There are others fed up with the GOP here in the state of Oklahoma.

For example, someone whose name I will withhold here, let’s just call her Daughter of Liberty, recently received one of those flyers from the OKGOP for “some stupid event they have coming up.” (Her words not mine by the way). So she sent it back to them (using their free postage of course) and wrote the following remarks:

No more RINOs. Liberty means freedom for all people not just your donors. Hushing the voice of liberty in the party will complete the fall of the GOP. Give us a third-party and we will go away.

That last sentence is of course a reference to comments made by many of the establishment folks in the GOP that would just wish us “libertarians” would go away and leave their party alone.

Her comments echo what many are feeling. We would love to go away and leave you alone.

But it is because of the GOP that we don’t have our own party. It is because of the GOP that we only have two choices in Oklahoma. It is because of the GOP that we are not allowed a real choice. It is because of the GOP that we are victims of the Coke and Pepsi style of voting in this state. If the GOP-led legislature would allow a ballot access reform bill to pass into law, the chances of a third-party would be greater and greater would their chances be that we would flock to that third-party and let you have your party back.

Until then, many are forced to work within the system to advance the cause of liberty. And until then, these “libertarians” will be a constant thorn in your side, whether you like it or not.

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