State Senator Dahm Looking To End NSA in Oklahoma

dahmCould Oklahoma be on its way to declaring its sovereignty against an overbearing federal government?

That could be the case with the legislation being proposed Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm. The Republican from Broken Arrow seeks to prohibit the NSA and its surveillance practices and to refuse assistance to other federal agencies that attempt to collect the electronic data of its citizens without a warrant.

The bill is called the Fourth Amendment Protection Act and has four key components:

(1) Prohibiting state and local agencies from providing information to the NSA.
(2) Prohibiting of state universities from becoming NSA research facilities.
(3) Blocking corporations from doing business with the NSA.
(4) Making information gathered by the NSA without a warrant inadmissible in its courts.

The bill is scheduled to be heard on Feb 3.

Good job Senator Dahm. Glad to know there is somebody in the state legislature willing to stand up to the federal government and protect our rights.

Source Material:

Washington Times – Oklahoma State Legislator Introduces Bill to Banish NSA.

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