New Year’s Weekend Party Review

Last night I attended the New Year’s Weekend Party at the Conservatory.

First up was a two-piece outfit called Matt Jewitt and the Rowdy Dow. It consisted of a drummer and a singer who also played an acoustic guitar. Although I like the idea of what they were trying to do I have to say I wasn’t really all that impressed with them. They were actually a little annoying after a few songs. There isn’t really much to say about them so I won’t bother. If you want to check them out, here is a link to their Bandcamp page.

There isn’t much to say about the second band either. They were a ska band from Tulsa called The Last Slice. They might have been good except I am not really a big fan of ska all that much so they didn’t do anything for me. This band consisted of one guitar player, one bass player, a trombone player, a saxophone player and a drummer who was also the singer. I will say one thing for them and that is that the drummer was actually pretty decent. Overall though, again, not a fan of ska so, meh. Here is a link to their Reverbnation page.

The third band was a band called Perdition from Fort Worth. They were pretty much straight ahead punk rock. They reminded me, music-wise, of Hot Water Music. The guys in the band looks like a bunch of lumberjacks. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. They were a good band that I think I would probably end up listening to more of in the future. You can listen to their stuff here at their ReverbNation page.

These thirds bands, however, sounded like complete and utter amateurs when compared to the headlining act, Oklahoma City’s own Red City Radio. These guys were just….damn. I wrote of a review of their current new released Titles back in October when it was released (Album Review: Titles) and I was glad to see them playing some of these songs live. I can’t say enough good things about this band. They are easily the best band to have come out of Oklahoma City’s punk rock scene and I’m glad to see that these guys are doing as well as they seem to be doing. This band had the entire floor packed and dancing and singing along. At one point in the show, the singer/guitarist said that the band had four singers but on this night they seemed to have had over 100 backup singers. The crowd was definitely into this band and if you have ever seen this band live, it is evident as to why they are so popular, especially in their home town. Titles, by the way, was #1 on the Otter Limits Top 13 Albums of 2013.

This was Red City Radio’s first show of 2014 and I’m hoping to see them again soon.

If you’ve never checked out this band, I highly suggest that you do so.

Here are some links where you can learn more about them and listen to them:

Official website
RCR on Facebook
RCR on MySpace
RCR on Twitter
RCR on
Stream Titles on the Paper+Plastick site

And now I leave you with a video of the opening track from Titles, “Two Notes Shy of An Octave”:


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