Withdrawal of Consent

I am wondering what people’s thoughts on are the below statement. This statement is essentially a paraphrasing of a couple of different things I read a couple of days ago.

The problem with voting is the implication of consent. When you vote in favor of a politician, you are acknowledging your consent for any and all actions that they take once they are in office. No matter what they do while they are in that office, whether you agree with it or not, you have consented to those actions by casting your ballot for them.

Hundreds of years of history has proven that politicians lie. So when the next person you vote for carries out war or creates a policy that destroys the lives of peope, by casting your vote you consented to all of it.

You cannot claim ignorance. If you claim that you chose the lesser of two evils you should realize that you are playing a game that politicians created and rigged in the first place.

Not choosing is still a choice and it always will be.

And so the goal for a society that wants to be rid of political illness should be withdrawal of consent.

Your thoughts?


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