Free State Not As Free As You Think

Amanda discusses in this video how she spent her evening on Dec 13:

This video and the actions of all involved (excluding Amanda herself of course) show me that New Hampshire, aka the “free” state, is not as free as I once thought it was.

What was the reasoning behind her incarceration? For that matter, what was the reason behind her being pulled over and arrested in the first place? Was it because she is a self-described anarchist? Remember Sacco and Vanzetti? This type of behavior by the law enforcement community and the judicial system has always happened against those who preach against a stateless society and it always will. The ONLY way to end the oppression against freedom-loving individuals is to do away with the regime that is doing the oppression: the state.

Please call the prosecuting attorney Jim Sawyer @ 603-524-2330 or email him at and ask him to drop all charges against her.


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