Civil Disobedience on New Year’s Day

gateTo ring in the new year yesterday I did participate in a bit of civil disobedience at the state capitol by climbing over the barricade at the south steps of the building.

I was not the only one that had illegal activities on their mind at the capitol however.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin recently issued an executive order that bans the use of vapor and e-cigarettes on state property. A move she claims is to protect public health. That executive order went into effect yesterday.

That executive order, however, did not stop a group of protestors from defying the ban by bringing not only their e-cigarettes and vapor devices but also traditional tobacco products, which are also previously banned, and lightning them all up in defiance.

Although the attendance was relatively much lower than what I thought it would be, it was attending by the media. Representatives of Fox News 25, News 9 and the Tulsa World were on hand to get the story on what was going on.

Also in attendance, was Democrat state representative Richard Morrissette who was there because he was angry that the governor went over the head of the legislature to enact this law. He was, unfortunately, the only member of the state legislature in attendance.

I find it sad that not one member of our Republican legislature attended this protest. After all, isn’t the Republican Party “supposed” to be about protecting civil liberties? Furthermore, I also found it disturbing that the attendance by the liberty faction within the Republican Party was not on hand to show their support, save a small handful of them. Besides Howard Houchen and Kaye Beach, who were 2 of the organizers of the protest, I counted 3 members of the liberty “caucus” in attendance.

Perhaps they had more important things to do than to protest the abuse of executive authority.

Here are some news articles about the event:

Fox 25 – Protesters defy e-cig ban on state capitol
News 9 – Protesters At Capitol Send “Smoke Signal” to Governor Fallin
Protestors say Fallin’s state-property ban on e-cigs infringes on rights
Facebook Event page for Snuff Out the Ban!

Also, here is a the video that News 9 posted on their website. If you look close enough, you might be able to catch a glimpse of yours truly. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |


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