You Aren’t


As we close out 2014, I’d like to share one of the ways I began acknowledging for myself that we are not free. We can be told all day that there are tyrants in the White House (again), and that taxes are theft, and we are over-regulated, blah blah, etc.

But how do we understand what all that means for our freedom? How does the meaning get past the massive quantities of input we digest each day?

Next time something bad happens, and the impulse is to cry for protection, STOP.

Think about the implications of a new law or regulation. Will it work? Is it the best solution? Does it treat the root of the problem, or just a symptom? How will we pay for that solution? With money or freedom?

When we have those answers, consider what solutions exist that do not involve government. They will be the hardest ones to implement, and they will be the only ones with lasting value and a truly positive impact on society. Taking personal responsibility for our actions, our basic needs, our safety – that is how we become truly free. Anything else makes us dependent, and adds another link to our chains.

And when we are fully chained and immovable, we are of no value to anyone around us. We can’t help others, much less ourselves. We can’t improve our own community, our own towns and states. We are bound to the security we demanded.

Just think about it – you might like what you come up with. Or as I say to my littles, “try it, you might like it!” We can live our beliefs and inspire with our examples. It’ll be so great…

Happy New Year!


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