Who Would Build the Roads?

One of the arguments often heard about libertarians and living in a libertarian/anarchist society is that we need the government to do things like build the roads.

Here is an example of a government-built road.


Seems to me that the private sector could probably build a better road than this.

But who would build these roads if the government no longer built them? Well, considering roads are fairly necessary, I would say whoever had the desire and competence to build them. The next question that might be asked is who would pay for them? My answer would be whoever wants the roads to be built and maintained.


3 thoughts on “Who Would Build the Roads?

  1. I’ve written about communities where people have come together to clean up parks, beaches, highways, to provide food and shelter and even to pave roads when government funds won’t stretch. In the last mentioned instance, of the 408 property owners affected, only 120 contributed. Some genuinely couldn’t afford to chip in and of course there were the expected number of free loaders. But others were able to do more than a proportional share and so the road was paved for less money, and quicker than with government. Best of all they created a place where people voluntarily came together to tackle problems in a spirit of community, and such a place is a wonderful place to live.

  2. A road is nothing more than sand, tar, and asphalt laid out in a straight line, yet most people think that roads are so complicated, only the government can build them.

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