Oklahoma Lefty’s Top Albums of 2013

2013 was another great year for music. Sure most of the good stuff was completely absent from the airwaves (which is a crime) but for those willing to look, great things were to be found. From punk to pop, from rock to folk, and everything in-between, 2013 showed us once again that not all of the good music is in the past.

Like in 2012, I was fortunate to get to work with a lot of great artists, labels, and PR folks. My life got a little whacky in 2013 though with changing jobs and being unemployed for a couple of months, so I did get behind on things and never really completely caught back up. Because of that, I’m sure that there are records that I have missed that would have made this list. I’m still working through my pile of records to review so hopefully at some point I’ll be caught up.

These were originally posted at Oklahoma Lefty

30. Dead Language – The Flatliners
29. Leavetaking – Elway
28. Wild American Runners – Arliss Nancy
27. The Stand-In – Caitlin Rose
26. On My Page – Courtney Marie Andrews
25. Old Wild Hearts – The Gateway District
24. No Heaven – The Slow Death
23. LP2 – Restorations
22. Out Utero – Lipstick Homicide
21. Desperate Ground – The Thermals
20. Memory Loss – Radio Reds
19. Like I Belong – Great Cynics
18. Bullfighter – Wringer
17. New Drugs – Druglords of the Avenues
16. Bound for Glory – Green Corn Revival
15. Dead End Streets – Ducky Boys
14. Northcote – Northcote
13. Two – Dan Vapid & the Cheats
12. Poorly Formed – Swingin Utters
11. Stay Reckless – Austin Lucas
10. The Death of the Self-Preservation Society – Two Cow Garage
9. A Million Hours – Broadcaster
8. Ordinary Silence – Mixtapes
7. The Constant One – Iron Chic
6. Drag the River – Drag the River
5. Home – Off With Their Heads
4. Tape Deck Heart – Frank Turner
3. Titles – Red City Radio
2. In the Throes – John Moreland
1. Devour – Dave Hause

Here are the links where you can read the original posts:
30 through 21
20 through 11
10 through 1


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