Political Activist Spends Christmas in Jail

New York political activist Gerald Koch refused to testify to a grand jury that he knows nothing about the 2008 Times Square bombing. He is not a suspect in the case. For his refusal, he has been in jail since May.

In an article I found at Anarchist News Dot Org there is a quote that blew me away. It said “confinement is supposed to coerce testimony…” So essentially, the government, via the court system, has determined that coercion is okay. These people fail to realize what coercion is. Coercion is intimidation. Coercion is bullying. Coercion is strong-arming. Coercion is oppression. This is what our government has been reduced to: bullies.

So this political activist has not been charged, or even accused for that matter, with any crime. But he was subpoenaed by a grand jury that is investigating the 2008 explosion, that, by the way, did not injure even one person.

The reason Mr. Koch is being questioned is because of his political affiliation. He is an anarchist.

But even though he has said multiple times that he does not know anything about the incident, he was still incarcerated for not cooperating with the investigation.

Koch has said that he refused to cooperate in protest to what he calls “government intimidation.” He is quoted as calling the grand jury and their response toward his actions “a fruitless exercise of fear-mongering…..” and that he has accepted his incarceration to “reinforce a tradition of defending individual rights in the face of state repression.”

I gotta ask, if he doesn’t know anything about the incident, is that not sufficient information to move on rather than waste his time and the taxpayer’s money by keeping him locked up for 7+ months?


Other References:

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