Christmas Political Rant

Actually, this post has nothing to do with Christmas. This post is just a venting rant about politics. Nothing more.

I seem to becoming more of a political cynic these days. I could blame it on having been so close to the fire, so to speak. That is, becoming more and more involved in the process of party politics. Yeah I could blame it on that but there is more to it.

I realize more and more that, not just in politics, but people in general, but especially with politicians, are motivated purely by their own self-interests.

There is nothing honorable or unselfish about politicians, politics, or government for that matter anymore.

For politicians, they are only out to cement their own political power and the power of their respective political parties.

And as far as the government itself goes, there is absolutely nothing honorable about its intentions anymore. It is all about cementing its own control over the people.

It is depressing and it is unfortunate but it is reality.

And it seems that the more I think about it, the more anarchist I become. The more I think that we all be better off living in a stateless society.  How would it work? I have no idea but however we could get it to work has got to be better than the system we have now.

That’s it. End of rant.



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