Activist Falsely Charged in New Hampshire

Recently a political activist by the name of Amanda Johnson, aka Amanda Billyrock, was arrested on Friday, December 13, 2013 in Laconia, New Hampshire and had five charges levied against her. These charges were:

  1. DUI
  2. Transportation of an open container
  3. Possession of a controlled substance
  4. Disobeying an officer
  5. Resisting arrest

She was not intoxicated or impaired. She chose not to speak because it was her right not to speak.
The “controlled substance” the arresting officer found were prescriptions.
She presented her valid driver’s license and her vehicle registration to the officer, so how did she disobey him?

Call police prosecutor Jim Sawyer @ 603-524-2330 and ask him to drop the charges against her.


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