Coming Soon in 2014

For your enjoyment (or not) here’s a list of some movies coming out next year. If you’ve seen these lists before you already know that this is just a list of movies that have caught my eye, not necessarily all of them that I’ve heard of. Basically these are the ones that I think I would bother to watch.


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
This one is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Star Trek star Chris Pine in the title role and Kevin Costner. I don’t think I would actually go to the theater to see this one but I do want to see it.

I, Frankenstein
Another one I don’t think I would visit the theater to see, this one stars Aaron Eckhart as the “monster.”


This reboot of the 1987 film of the same name starts Joel Kinnaman in the title role. It also stars Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. This is the first one of 2014 that I would like to actually see in the theater.


300: Rise of an Empire
I liked the first one and I really can’t see why they are making a sequel so I want to see this one just to see how they go about it.

Muppets Most Wanted
Yeah, I like the Muppets. Sue me! Probably not a theater movie though.

This movie starring Russell Crowe in the title role looks pretty interesting.


Captain America: Winter Soldier
Oh yeah! I wanna see this one in the theater too. My son is almost as excited to see this movie as I am. Yeah, we’re nerds.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I’ll probably end up watching this one in the theater too. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one but….(1) it is a comic book movie, (2) my son really wants to see it, and (3) it’s going to have Rhino in it.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
The combination of the original X-Men movie cast and the cast of X-Men First Class. Should be very interesting especially since it is based on one of the coolest X-Men comic book storylines. Really looking forward to this one.

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Interesting in seeing how they are going to pull of this franchise off without Megan Fox AND Shia LeBeouf.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I have seen every “Ape” movie. Why stop now?

Atlas Shrugged Part 3
If you have never seen parts 1 and 2, I highly recommend that you do.


Guardians of the Galaxy
What the heck, it’s a comic book movie.

The Expendables 3
I’ve like the first two so I’m sure this one will be good too. It is going to star (besides the Expendables regulars) Harrison Ford, Mickey Rourke, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammer, and Wesley Snipes.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Really looking forward to this sequel to the 2005 Sin City movie. Technically I think it is a prequel and a sequel, depending on which part of the movie you’re in (since this is made up of several stories like the other one was). Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Powers Boothe return in this one. Also starring in this one are Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


This adaptation of the biblical story will star Christian Bale as Moses.

That’s it for 2014 folks. See you next year!


One thought on “Coming Soon in 2014

  1. UPDATE:

    Jack Ryan: Haven’t seen yet. DVD scheduled for June release.
    I, Frankenstine: Haven’t seen yet. DVD scheduled for May release.
    Robocop: Saw it in the theater. Loved it.
    300: Rise of an Empire: Haven’t seen yet. More than likely will wait for DVD.
    Muppets Most Wanted: Will probably wait until DVD.
    Noah: I want to see this. Might see it in the theater if I get around to it.
    Captain America: Winter Soldier: Will be released this Friday. Can’t wait!!!

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