Be The Change

Be The Change
by Elizabeth Fann


Do we focus too much on politics as a vehicle for change? Are we barking up the wrong tree, promoting our guy or gal to just win that election, and save us from evil doers and a tyrannical government?

After way too much involvement in politics, this is where I’m at. I’ve been too disappointed, seen way too much compromise, and compromised for myself at the voting booth. Did my votes really matter?

Ah. I won’t go that far into the “to vote or not to vote” debate. Instead, I’d like to discuss a different solution. While reading Ron Paul’s “The School Revolution”, I learned the concept of Voluntary Replacement. This term spoke to me and has been attaching itself to my thoughts lately. It embodies the spirit of being the change, an idea I’ve always held dear.

So we have a problem. Our liberty is being threatened, by government control over our lives and our property. Look around you right now. How many representations of government interference surround you? Here a tax, there a tax, a regulation, a subsidy.

Has voting for your favorite politician lessened the government intrusion surrounding us? It hasn’t, so even if you still feel voting is important, what else can we do to affect change?

We can BE it.

I don’t want the government involved in my child’s education. So I’m choosing to home school, hopefully by next fall. I’m replacing a system I do not agree with. If I’m successful, and the home school movement continues to grow, my state will have to adjust accordingly.

I don’t like the government regulating my food. So whenever I can, I buy local and grow my own. I’m choosing to inspect and take responsibility for what I consume.

I am not comfortable with the government knowing what I spend and where. (Thanks NSA). So I’m opting out of banks and using more cash. Hopefully adding bitcoin here soon.

I don’t think welfare really works. What can I do to help the people in my community get a needed boost and back on a prosperous path? I have an idea my daughter and I are working on right now to help in one small way. More on that later.

What else can we do to voluntarily replace government functions? How can we help each other and ourselves better than government? Can we put more active in our activism, make our philosophy reality?

Can we be the change we wish to see in the world, and put our faith in ourselves and not politicians? Bringing solutions, even bad ones, has worked for the democrat party. If we want solutions that minimize government and maximize freedom, then let’s show the world how it’s done.

While we still (sorta) can.


One thought on “Be The Change

  1. It is definitely very disappointing, especially for those of us that are heavily involved in the political process, when we come to the realization that perhaps politics is not a vehicle for change.

    I present a thought that goes even one step further though. Perhaps government itself in general is not a proper vehicle for change. Maybe the problem isn’t that we are backing the wrong people to win elections. Maybe the fact is that no matter which politican we back, only one thing is certain for the outcome: government wins.

    Liberty in America is being threatened because we, Americans, have allowed the government to threaten it.

    Government influence is, by its very nature, a bad influence and maybe it is time that we the people become the vehicles for proper change in the world.

    If you aren’t comfortable with the government being involved in education, or food regulation, or surveillance, or social programs, think about it. What is the one constant in all of these? Government. You aren’t comfortable with the government.

    It has become brutally apparent that it is not the government that is going to solve any of the ills of society. It is up to you and me, the people.

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