Top 13 Worst Presidents


Today’s top 13 list is a list of who I think are the 13 worst Presidents of the United States. Surely many of you will disagree with my selections but they are my selections so keep that in mind. I have listed the term they served in the presidency and a short blurb about why I have chosen them as one of the worst.

1. John Adams
Served from 1735 – 1826
The first President to completely and knowingly disregard the U.S. Constitution by signing the Alien and Sedition Acts into law.

2. Zachary Taylor
Served from 1849 – 1850
Nominated and elected solely on the basis of his status as a war hero, this man had no real political philosophy, no experience whatsoever in domestic affairs and essentially no foreign policy to speak of. To be fair, he was probably just the wrong man for the job at a time when there was some serious crap going on in the country and it was a time when a country needed a true leader, not a soldier.

3. James Buchanan
Served from 1857 – 1861
His inability and ineffectiveness as a leader led to Southern secession and the Civil War.

4. Abraham Lincoln
Served from 1861 – 1865
Despite his honorable efforts at ending slavery, this accomplishment will ever be overshadowed in my eyes because of the almost complete dissolution of states’ rights in this country.

5. William Howard Taft
Served from 1909 – 1913
Guilt by association. Allowed the 16th Amendment to go through and his poor domestic policies led to the election of Woodrow Wilson.

6. Woodrow Wilson
Served from 1913 – 1921
Statist and globalist extraordinaire. Drove the country into it current state against non-interventionism.

7. Franklin D Roosevelt
Served from 1933 – 1945
Architect of the welfare state that our country currently lives under.

8. Harry Truman
Served from 1945 – 1953
Killed millions of people by dropping the atomic bomb. Drifted the country further away from non-interventionism and assisted with the creation of the globalist organizations, the United Nations, and NATO. In my opinion, he was also the architect of the Cold War by issuing the Truman Doctrine. His presidency saw the beginning of the Korean War and set the stage in international politics for the Vietnam War.

9. Lyndon Johnson
Served from 1963 – 1969
Perpetuated and escalated the Vietnam War and increased entitlement spending, making society more dependent on the government.

10. Jimmy Carter
Served from 1977 – 1981
I don’t even know where to begin. Horrible domestic policy. Horrible foreign policy. How the hell did this guy get elected in the first place? Oh yeah, Gerald Ford. Nevermind.

11. George H Bush
Served from 1989 – 1993
Do nothing President. All around poor leader. What a waste of 4 years that was!

12. George W Bush
Served from 2001 – 2009
Two words: Patriot Act. Well, that and he was a complete puppet for the uber-statist Vice President Dick Cheney.

13. Barack Obama
Served from 2009 – Present
Do I really need to explain?

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