The Problem With National Standards


Any sort of top-down accountability when it comes to education is driven by politics and not driven by the needs of students and thus squash the life out of classrooms.

The No Child Left Behind Act required every state to test every student every year and judged those students and schools exclusively on those test scores. The wreckage of NCLB is still apparent in schools across the nation.

The only people who nationalized standards helps are those who are creating those standards. The bureaucrats. The companies that develop and publish these standards. The companies that produced the standardized tests. It does not help those who need the help the most. The students. Our children.

Core standards are a way to create a one-size-fits-all approach to educating our children. Those developing the standards and the test questions and the curriculum are developing them based on their own assumptions of what being well-educated means. These standards and curriculum are developed at the national level, far away from the school districts they are imposing them on and far away from those who understand what their local children need.

A one-size-fits-all approach to education is incompatible with learning. Our children deserve a high standard of education but not the same standard of education. The purpose of education is to nourish our children’s curiosity. To motivate their desire to read and promote their ability to think critically. It is not the purpose of education to indoctrinate them into a nationally consistent thinking pattern where our children become sheep and ultimately slaves to the federal government. When our children think the way that national bureaucrats want them to think, they become more and more dependent on the federal government, eroding their individual liberty and essentially handing over more power to that federal government.

Setting standards at a national level not only stifles creativity but takes decision-making away from the local level, where it belongs.

Remember, it is these national standards that are consistently trying to describe our nation as a democracy instead of as a republic. It only gets worse from here folks.

Handing over the power over our children is one of the first steps toward eliminating our freedom.

We must take this power away from the federal government and hand it back over to the local level. The states and the school districts are full of creative-thinking people who know how best to educate the children in their areas. They know what works best for their students, not Washington bureaucrats.

When you return the responsibility of educating our young people back to the local level, there will be more accountability. If you are dissatisfied with the way your child is being educated, it is far easier to get a group of like-minded individuals together to go discuss your grievances with your local state legislator or local school board member than it is to try to get the attention of a congressman or senator. Better accountability = better results.

Common core is not the answer to our education problem. National standards are not the answer to our education problem. Standardized curriculum is not the answer to our education problem.

The answers to our education problem can only be discovered by those who actually do the educating of our children. The teachers. The local school districts. The local school boards. The power should be in their hands, not in the hands of the top-down bureaucrats who create these national standards.


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