Elephant Off My Back


It might be plainly obvious to some of you out there that I have become more and more disgruntled with my involvement in party politics and my involvement with the GOP specifically.

This is probably obvious to those of you that have read some of the articles I have written lately such as Why Independent, Bad News for Republicans & Democrats, and the aptly titled I Think It’s Time To Go.

Well folks, my involvement with the GOP has more or less officially come to an end.

Yesterday, I wrote and sent a resignation letter to the Oklahoma County Republican Executive Committee. Below is the text of that letter:

Good afternoon [name withheld],

I am writing to you to notify you that I am resigning from my position on the Oklahoma County GOP Executive Committee effective immediately.

Unfortunately, my time serving on the committee has solidified the fact that the Republican Party is not where I belong and I have decided to register as an Independent.

I do, however, appreciate the opportunity that you afforded me to serve on the committee and I thank you for the support you have given me.

Thank you

Steve Long

And today, while on my lunch break, I took the short drive down to the Oklahoma County Election Board and registered as an Independent (or as it says on the actual registration form ‘No Party’). Below is a copy of said registration form.



So it’s official. I’ve got that elephant off my back, so to speak, and I can, with a clear conscience, support the candidates that I want to support and talk about the issues that I want to talk about. Not that I haven’t been doing that already mind you but now I can do it without wondering when I’m going to be censured by some political party.


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