Big Night For Drug Law Reform

In last night’s election, Portland, Maine became the 1st city on the east coast to legalize possession of marijuana (for adults over 21). The measure passed with 70% of the vote. 70%! The tide is turning folks!

Three other cities (all in Michigan) approved measures legalizing possession. Those cities were Ferndale, Jackson, and Lansing. Ferndale approved it with 69.2% of the vote, Jackson with 61%, and Lansing 63%.

As stated in an article on NORML’s website:

“These votes….illustrate that not only are the American people considering moving towards legalization of marijuana, they overwhelmingly are demanding it…Politicians must open their eyes to the political reality that legalization has arrived and is supported by a massive majority of voters. If they continue to drag their feet on the issue, we will take it to the people wherever possible, and we will win.”

You can read that full article here.

Also in drug law reform news from last night’s election, the voters of the state of Colorado approved a measure that would allow a 15% excise tax and a 10% sales tax on all recreational marijuana sales in the state. The revenue earned from these taxes are set to be earmarked to fund public education.

Like I said. The tide is turning folks. And it is time for the social conservatives to wake up and smell the pot. LOL

But seriously, even though I’m fairly certain that Oklahoma is a long, long ways off from legalization, or even decriminalization, these results from last night kind of make me wonder what state or what municipality is going to approve legalization or decriminalization next.


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