Another Big Loss for GOP in Virginia

New Jersey Governor Election Results

Chris Christie 60.5%
Barbara Buono 38.0%

Virginia Governor Election Results

Terry McAuliffe 47.9
Ken Cuccinelli 45.5
Robert Sarvis 6.6

It comes as no surprise to me that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie easily won his re-election bid over state senator Barbara Buono. Right now, Christie seems to be the golden boy for the Republican Party. The establishment factor that is. But make no mistake, if he thinks he is going to run for President in 2016 and win, he (and the GOP) has another thing coming.

The results of the Virginia governor’s election are very telling as well. The loss of Republican Cuccinelli to the Democrat McAuliffe was a big loss for the GOP and it should give them an idea of how to prepare and strategize for the upcoming mid-term elections next year.

Some people are saying that the results of this election were a big win for Obamacare but I disagree. I think that the win for McAulifee were not so much an actual win for him as it was a win against the Republican. For one thing, McAuliffe barely won this thing. I think that the people who voted for him weren’t so much voting for him as they were voting against Cuccinelli. And this should tell the GOP something.

Others are saying that Cuccinelli lost because of the inclusion of the “libertarian” candidate Robert Sarvis. However, most of the exit polls are saying that a lot of the people who voted for Sarvis would have voted for McAuliffe had Sarvis not been in the race. So it is obvious that Cuccinelli would have still lost and his loss would have been bigger.

No, the reason that Cuccinelli lost is because he was a bad candidate, pure and simple. Just like John McCain was a bad presidential candidate in 2008 and Mitt Romney was a bad presidential candidate in 2012. The GOP on both the states and national level need to stop vetting and running these guys that are destined to lose.

And why are they losing?

Take this Virginia gubernatorial election as an example. The people did not necessarily vote for McAuliffe because the guy is a corrupt shyster. He is a slimebag. The people of Virginia voted against an idea. That idea is social conservatism.

If the GOP wants to win elections, they need to steer away from social issues. The GOP claims that they are running these type of candidates because they want to make sure that they are appealing to their conservative base. The problem is that this conservative base is shrinking so they are appealing to a growing minority within their party.

If the GOP continues to run people like Mitt Romney and Ken Cuccinelli, they are going to continue to lose. So going back to what I said about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, if the GOP thinks they can win in 2016 with Christie as their nominee, they should probably think twice and figure out who they really want to appeal to: the ever shrinking numbers of social conservatives or to growing numbers of voters that have realized that there are bigger problems going on in this country than social issues.

Time to wake up GOP!


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