Album of the Moment: Tres Cabrones


Even though I’m actually a big fan of the Melvins, I don’t necessarily stay up to date with what it going on with these guys. However, when I found out that they had released a new album, I made sure to go check it out.

I’m glad I did. Tres Cabrones, which was released Tuesday, November 5 on Ipecac, is the umpteenth offering by the Pacific Northwest-based sludge-metal band.

For true Melvins fans, this album will not disappoint. It is classic Melvins from start to finish. The band’s tried and true formula of slow-paced, heavy sounds is just as apparent on this new album as it has been since they started their music career some 30 years ago.

Album Highlights:

Dr. Mule. City Dump. American Cow. Psychodelic Haze. I Told You I Was Crazy. Stump Farmer.

Reviews of Tres Cabrones around the web:

Review on Consequence of Sound by Adam Kivel

Review on Soundlab

Review on Metal Injection by Jeremy Ulrey

Review on NME by Noel Gardner
Check out my Melvins discography here.


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