Quote of the Day (10.24.13)

“No one is responsible for anyone other than themselves, unless they choose to take on the burden of others. No one should be forced to take on another’s burden. But we are forced to do that every day…We all make our own beds, and we all should sleep in them.”

Chris Future, Freedom Bunker article “Personal Responsibility”

Read the full article here.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day (10.24.13)

  1. What about parents? Also, isn’t that a pretty callous attitude to have? Not that people shouldn’t be responsible because they should. This quote just reminds me of a lot of the type of mindset that Ayn Rand promoted. That whole greed is good mentality. Then again maybe I’m reading more into this quote than is there.

  2. Parents choose to take on that burden (for lack of a better term) of having kids. I don’t think it is a callous attitude at all and it has nothing to do with greed. It just has to do with people taking responsibility for their own actions (or in-actions as the cause may end up being) and not being forced to do something against their will. People need to take responsibility for themselves (and for anyone else that they CHOOSE to be responsible for) and not rely on government assistance.

  3. Again, I’m all for people being responsible for themselves, but this quote, to me at least, comes off as callous.

  4. I guess I don’t see it as cold-hearted. I don’t get the impression that a person with this attitude doesn’t care about the less fortunate, they just think that a person that, for instance, doesn’t care about helping the less fortunate shouldn’t be forced to.

    It is the same attitude as not forcing an atheist to financially support (through their tax dollars) any sort of faith-based initiatives or forcing somebody that is pro-life to financially support abortion clinics.

    If a person does not feel it is their responsibility to help out those in need, that should be their decision. So if anything, it would be those people that don’t take on that responsibility that are callous. That is, unless they themselves are not in a financial position to help out those less fortunate than them.

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