Another Alternative: Son of Replace It With What

Yesterday, I posted the article, Replace It With What? In this article I discussed an alternative to the train wreck that is the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

HR 2300, the Empowering Patients First Act, is actually only one alternative that Republicans have presented as an alternative to Obamacare, once again negating the argument that we have to keep Obamacare because the Republicans have not presented anything better.

That other alternative is HR 3121, the American Health Care Reform Act. It was introduced in September of this year by House of Representatives member David Roe of Tennessee. It has 92 cosponsors so far and right now is in committee.

Like HR 2300, all of its cosponsors are Republicans. No Democrats. And that doesn’t surprise me. The Democrats don’t want to jump on board for something that goes against their baby.

This new bill, HR 3121, is another attempt at patient-centered, market-driven reform, which of course is the best way to lower health care costs and solve the problems in our health care system.

One thing people don’t seem to understand is that this country does not have a health “care” problem. This country has arguably some of the best health “care” that the world has to offer. I would put any of our highly-educated doctors up against any other country’s physicians.

The problem our country has, however, it a health “cost” problem. That is, health care costs too much. The reason is because there is no competition in that market anymore. The federal government has gotten too far involved in health care. Government interference in any industry, as has been proven year after year and decade after decade, to be inefficient and not cost-effective. And this is why the cost of health care seems to rise every year. It is because of government intervention in that market. And ACA is not going to be any different or any better for our country.

The main objectives of HR 2131 are:

  • To repeal ACA (Obamacare) and its regulations
  • To spur competition in an effort to lower health care costs by allowing Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines and allow small businesses to pool together to get the same buying power as large corporations.
  • To reform medical malpractice laws in a way that limits trial lawyer fees but maintains strong protections for patients.
  • To provide tax reform to allow families and individuals to deduct health care costs.
  • To expand access to HSAs and increase the amount of pre-tax dollars that can be deposited into them.
  • To safeguard those with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against and extends HIPAA protections.

So there you have it folks. Another alternative to the disastrous and costly new health care law that has already proven itself to be a joke.

A health care law that protects patients, promotes competition to lower costs, and keeps our exceptional health care services intact.


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