Bad News For Republicans & Democrats

Bad news for Republicans and Democrats. More people in the United States are frustrated with their partisan antics than ever before.

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, 60% of Americans now think that a third-party is needed to represent the American people.

According to the article:

“Given the ability of the Republican and Democratic parties to agree on the most basic of government functions…the percentage of Americans who believe a third-party is needed has never been higher.

Read the full article here:
In US, Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High

In Oklahoma, the Republicans control the government. With a Republican Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and both houses containing a super majority of Republicans, one has to wonder if even in Oklahoma whether or not the tide is shifting against them.

According to a recent article in the Tulsa World that was mentioned in an article here on Otter Limits (More Independents in Oklahoma), over 4500 people registered as Independents so far this year.

The best course of action that the Republican Party here in Oklahoma can take is to allow those disenfranchised voters to form a third-party by correcting the antiquated ballot access laws that have perpetuated their stranglehold of power for decades. Without allowing third parties to participate in politics here in Oklahoma, the Republicans have remained unchecked and left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth for political activism and have caused them to stay home on election day.

The Republican Party here in Oklahoma and nationally (and the Democrats too) better get their act together or they are going to see a decrease in their membership rolls.


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