OKC Rock Battle Royale Week 23

Week 22 is in the bag.

The winner of this week’s OKC Rock Battle Royale with 56% of the vote is…

Hollywood Uprising

Let’s get Week 23 going.

The contestants this week are:

Feathered Rabbit


Them Hounds

As always, you vote on the poll in the upper right hand corner of the website and if you have never heard the band’s music, just click on their names in this post and listen to them. Then vote for your favorite!

Happy voting!


8 thoughts on “OKC Rock Battle Royale Week 23

  1. Feathered Rabbit used to be really good, but Them Hounds is freaking fantastic! This is a head slapper!

  2. Lol, clearing your browser to vote for yourself over and over at the last minute to win……pathetic

  3. I doubt anyone has the time or patience for that, both of these bands are amazing and both have quite the following in OKC. This will be a rough decision for anyone. Name calling and slander, no matter how you do it, it incredibly tacky and rude. Assuming these bands couldn’t have this much reaction from its fans is silly. I love them both but find it very hard to pick just one.

  4. You can’t vote more than once from one computer. Technology’s pretty smart these days.

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