OKC Rock Battle Royale Week 21

The week 20 poll went on for longer than normal so it’s time to shut it down. The winner of the OKC Rock Battle Royale for Week 20 with 67% of the vote is…..

Greater Than Zero

We’ll be seeing these guys again when it’s time for the third bracket. Congratulations guys!

The contestants for Week 21 are:

Skating Polly


Kill The Reflection

As always, you vote on the poll in the upper right hand corner of the website and if you have never heard the band’s music, just click on their names in this post and listen to them. Then vote for your favorite!

Happy voting!


30 thoughts on “OKC Rock Battle Royale Week 21

  1. Both bands are cool. Totally different styles and it’s amazing how good Skating polly is at their ages. If the question is who’s gonna blow up then Skating Polly is an obvious answer but both bands deserve kudos

  2. Keep in mind here folks that this is the 2nd bracket or the Elite 8 to use a college basketball term. Both of these bands have already won in their competitions in the 1st bracket so it goes w/o saying that both of these bands would be deserving of kudos.

  3. I love the Polly’s but honestly, I’m just not 15 anymore. I’m eager to hear what Kill the Reflection does on their next album, the first one is on my playlist almost daily. It’s too damn catchy for its own good, damn you!

    Not knocking Skating Polly, generation gap I suppose.

  4. Saw Skating Polly open up for Flaming Lips in Indy and will see them again when they play with Kate Nash! I’m 43 and these girls are unreal. The link on this website is too music they made when the younger one was like 9! Their new stuff is unreal and a lot of it is heavier than what I just heard from the other band. Maybe that’s old music too? I don’t know but Oklahoma is lucky to claim Skating Polly. It will be neat to look back at this in 5 or 10 years and see where both bands are.

  5. This is kind of like comparing NIN to Dolly Parton. Way different bands. Skating Polly’s songwriting and overall coolness is off the chart tho. I got sick the night I was going to Kill the Reflection so I’m biased. Skating Polly is great live. I’m seeing them with Wavves tonight. If it sucks I might change my vote 🙂

  6. Another thing you need to realize when considering that this is Bracket 2 is that the music style of the competing bands might not be the same. They are all rock music though so saying comparing Skating Polly to KTR is like comparing NIN to Dolly Parton is a stretch.

    Bracket 2 of this Battle Royale contains bands from all types of rock genres such as punk rock, death metal, alternative rock, indie rock, even blues rock.

    So keep this in mind when voting because these bands have already been through one cycle of voting and bracket 2 is meant to narrow the field down even further. It is meant to determine how many people like the band over another one despite their differences in style.

  7. I’m dissapointed with how Skating Polly chooses to handle themselves. This state is about 75% republican and they take shots at republicans every chance they get. They act like they are from Hollywood but I guess that’s what there connections are now. They are pretty young to be so bigmouthed about grown up issues and insult people who support them. When they do become a big deal they will probably not even say they are from here. My two cents is that I can’t vote for them on anything.

  8. Interesting point you make there Don.

    I’m not trying to defend Skating Polly but I am not 100% sure that the demographic they are trying to reach is that Republican crowd. I would have to imagine that they lean more toward trying to appeal to the more liberal of the Oklahoma population.

  9. I just think them and other bands should keep politics out of it. I think they are talented and I never got the idea from there songs that they were promoting a political agenda. I thought they were a good example to young girls. Then they posted stuff about refusing to do interviews with Daily Oklahoman because they believe in affirmative action bs. The older one wears a shirt saying Bad Religion a lot. They took pictures of them flipping off the Westboro Baptist Church which I don’t support either but its still a church. I just checked there facebook and they posted a photo of a witch melting and joked that it was Governor Fallin and spoke out against traditional marriage rights. Keep your ignorant political stuff to yourself when you can’t even vote yet and really even after you can. People are interested in bands because of music not because they want to be preached too.

  10. I saw Kill the Reflection open for Neon Trees last year and is was amazing, before then I hadn’t even heard of them, since then I have seen them 3 times and they never fail to impress me. That dude can sing! They are super nice to talk to, they even have me a free CD.

  11. This debate is hilarious. Skating Polly plays all over the country with big acts and gets radio play on indie stations across the country. Kill the Reflection is an ok local band that is having its friends flood this poll. Look at both bands accomplishments. No contest. And one of them just killed it tonight with the Wavves. Guess which one. Does Skating Polly even know they are in this contest? It would be funny as hell if Kill the Reflection loses this even after how hard they are trying to beat a couple of teenage girls. Go SP!

  12. Theres a lot of anger and negative comments in this thread, wouldn’t it be nice if we could support both of these local bands, since they are both local and not be such assholes about who’s the best? It is all a matter of opinion. Shouldn’t we jut appreciate the music they offer us?

  13. Everyone must eat apples! Whatever you do not try the oranges, continue to eat the apples just like us, Chris.

    This is the way, this is what we are doing.

  14. It’s crazy how much interest this poll has received. I know both of these bands, KTR more than SP, but I have seen and talked to them both. The guys from KTR are very nice and the girls from Skating Polly seem very sweet and very smart. I think these bands are friends so I doubt they want people talking crap about the other one to build them up. And so what if KTR is voting a bunch or having their friends do it. That’s what you do when you’re in a band and trying to get some publicity. Skating Polly does things to get attention too. I’m voting for KTR because I think it would mean more to them and I personally like their style of music. Plus Skating Polly is not as much of a local band anymore and I think this poll would do better if it focused on bands that played mostly local shows, but let’s stop the trash talking.

  15. You are probably right. Skating Polly is probably not necessarily considered a local act anymore but they are technically from Oklahoma so I felt they had a right to be included. However, if enough people feel that they don’t belong on this poll, perhaps they will vote against KTR to knock them (Skating Polly) out of the running.

  16. I’ve seen Skating Polly live, and let me just tell you something, they are AWFUL. I can’t stand their music. They sound like they are trying to go for a nineties rip off, but they hit closer to the Taylor Swift sound. They are the image of everything wrong with music. And I can tell you, their whole “look at me I’m so cool and sweet” thing is just an act. They want you to think they’re so cool, but they are just brats funded by their parents. I doubt they even write the songs they play. Seriously, I’ve never even heard Kill the Reflection, but I am voting for them because Skating Polly is the phoniest act to come out of Oklahoma yet.

  17. Dave Mann, you are not too sharp. A lot of people who know a lot more about music than you obviously do disagree about SP. Are you a teenager whose band can’t get a show opening for them? The Taylor Swift thing kinda gives it away. Hehe. Jealousy coming out of the walls after a band finds success.

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