More Independents in Oklahoma

Over 4500 Independents have been added to the voter rolls since March of this year.

The Tulsa World has reported that 4582 new voters have registered as Independents since March, outpacing registrations in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Richard Prawdzienski, a resident of Edmond and previously a candidate for State Senate was quoted as saying that the reason is because people are frustrated and fed up with the two major parties.

Also according to the article, titled More New Voters Register As Independent, independent voter registration has gone up by 33.8% since January 2000.

This does not really surprise me. I echo Richard’s statement that people in general are frustrated with the two-party system. People are feeling like they are not truly represented by either party and are looking for another option. They are seeking out people who more closely reflect their own views and are looking for a way out of typical party politics.

When politics becomes more about building a political party and getting your particular party in power than it does about enacting lasting change and making a difference in people’s lives, it is time to look beyond the Ds and the Rs and look for other ways to actually fix what is going on in this country.

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