Weezer Dream Set List

I’m going to see Weezer this Friday at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma. I’ve never seen the band live so I’m pretty stoke about finally getting to see them.

This is a list of the songs that I would like to see played at the show. Hopefully they will at least play a good chunk of them. (And I’m sure there are some missing that I’m not thinking of too).

  1. My Name is Jonas
  2. The World Has Turned & Left me Here
  3. In the Garage
  4. Holiday
  5. Only in Dreams
  6. Susanne
  7. Jamie
  8. Don’t Let Go
  9. The Good Life
  10. Photograph
  11. Simple Pages
  12. Perfect Situation
  13. This Is Such a Pity
  14. My Best Friend
  15. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
  16. Heart Songs
  17. I Want You To
  18. Can’t Stop Partying
  19. Un-Break My Heart
  20. Put Me Back Together
  21. Let It All Hang Out
  22. I Woke Up In Love This Morning
  23. Put Me Back Together
  24. Ruling Me
  25. Memories
  26. Hang On
  27. Tired of Sex

One thought on “Weezer Dream Set List

  1. I’ll be there too. Also my first time seeing them. Based on their last nine shows, only five of those songs likely will be on the set list. Hoping they change it up a bit.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a Burndt Jamb appearance.

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