Not Our War!


Read Here: July Rally at Oklahoma State Capitol To Oppose U.S. Intervention in Syria

We have no political or moral obligation to intervene in another nation’s civil war…We have spilled enough American blood in the desert sand,” Wesselhoft said. “This civil war is not our business. – OK State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft



6 thoughts on “Not Our War!

  1. This is funny coming from Wesselhoft considering he first ran for the OK State House as a hawk.

    Of all of the action that the United States has taken in the Middle East, in my eyes this is one where an argument could be made that we have a “moral obligation to intervene.” I’m not saying that we should but this one certainly looks more legit than Iraq did.

  2. I disagree. Any military action that is taken that results in the loss of American lives and cannot be DIRECTLY linked to the safety of our nation is not legitimate.

  3. So the US should never help the people of other nations that are being oppressed unless it is somehow directly related to this country’s safety? That seems awfully cold.

  4. It might seem cold but this country is in dire straights right now. We have our own problems. We cannot afford to fight another war financially, no matter who is being oppressed. Why does America have to be the world’s policeman. Why is it that when the people of some country like Syria or Iraq are being oppressed by their leader that WE have to always come to their aid? I am sick of our country having to take care of everybody else’s problems. I am sick of us sending our young men and women off to die for somebody else. If that is cold of me, so be it.

  5. I don’t disagree with you and I don’t think that the US military is in the position to help the people of Syria. Maybe had we not gone to war in Iraq then we could do something but the military is spread way too thin at the moment.

    I guess that part that I don’t get is the completely isolationist attitude. I get it that right now, we’re in no position to help but I’d hate to think that this country would turns its back when it could help. If that makes any sense.

  6. Our military is a lot worse off than “spread too thin.” The US army is worn out. After 10 years of constant combat, we have men who are now serving their sixth or seventh combat tour. In Vietnam, three tours was the limit, and the last two were on a volunteer basis. Now we send people back into harm’s way again and again until they either die or kill themselves. That’s why the US forces in Afghanistan are suffering more losses from suicide than from enemy action. Anyone advocating any more stupid and unnecessary wars for humanitarian reasons, had better hustle on down to the recruiter’s office to sign up and get some first hand experience.

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