Looking Beyond Party Lines

Looking Beyond Party Line
by Blair Pettrey


In 14 days, here in the beautiful city of Frederick, Maryland, is our primary election for City Mayor & Aldermen (Council).

In Maryland, unaffiliated (independents)  are not allowed to vote in primary elections, and thus their candidates (of which we have 1 running for Mayor) do not have a primary election, and are automatically advanced to the general election. Additionally, if you are a registered Republican, you can only vote in the Republican primary; and Democrats can only vote in the Democrat election. (There are now 3rd party primary elections).

A registered Republican ( merely because of these ridiculous laws ), this is a huge issue. Sure, I can pick the ‘best option’ from the 2 R’s running for Mayor (or 7 running for alderman, of which there are 5 total positions). But the reality is, the danger of the ‘worst of evils’ winning from the democrat side, is far more detrimental, than any other candidate running.

As I wrote about previously$196,873.84 had been collected up to the August 12th reporting date. The 3 Republican candidates had raised  $10,960; $740 and $8141.27 (a total of $19,841.27 or ~10%) vs. the democratic 2 candidates raising $60,425 and 52970.18 total (a total of $113,395.18 or ~58%). If money speaks, clearly a democrat will be winning this mayor election. Thus, the concern then being, who is the better candidate?

Galen Clagett, 71, who has most recently served as a state delegate (representing City of Frederick district 3A), is an imminent threat. His primary concerns in regards to his voting past, as well as questionable affiliations and connections, prove that Mr. Clagett has only one concern with the City of Frederick; and that is to benefit his own personal business ventures.

On the contrary, Karen Young, who currently represents the City of Frederick as an alderwoman; has a proven track record of loving our city.  She has served and volunteered with 16 community organizations, has a  vote record of citizen benefit and concern within a financially responsible realm. She truly listens to the citizens of Frederick and always makes it a point to respond to their concerns.

The reality is, Karen Young truly loves our city, and wants to see it, and it’s residents, prosper.  Our city would be greatly benefited and honored by having her serve as our Mayor. I can not say that about the alternative democratic candidate.

Thus, Karen Young, has my full support and endorsement, and I fully encourage those within the democratic party that are registered voters in the City of Frederick, to head to the poles on September 10th, 2013 and vote for the future of Frederick, by voting for Karen Young.

Disclosure: I can not vote in the democrat primary, but I do endorse Karen Young as the primary candidate for the Democrat election. Come November, if Ms. Young does not win her primary election, I will consider both the republican option and unaffiliated. 


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