Mess of the Masses

This morning on her show, Kathi Yeager was talking about how bad things are in this country and then said something to the effect of that is why we are looking forward to football season.

This is indicative of what is wrong with this country. People care more about when football season starts and what Miley Cyrus did on the VMA Awards then what is going on in their country and in their neighborhoods.

Make me physically ill.

When are people going to realize that there things going on that are far more important than who OU’s new quarterback is or even the fact that Bradley Manning wants to be Chelsea Manning.

This country is falling apart. We are on the verge of getting involved in yet another war. We are swirling down into bankruptcy and our leaders are all slime.

And yet, the majority of Americans are blind to these facts. Most people in this country don’t care at all what is going on in their communities. They don’t care about how their children are being educated which results in more under-educated, mis-informed citizens. The process continues.

How are we ever going to dig ourselves out of this mess?


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