Why Be A Libertarian?

Why isn’t everyone a libertarian?

Being a libertarian is holding the only political philosophy that makes sense. At least to me.

Being a libertarian is the best alternative to the standard left/right/liberal/conservative/Democrat/Republican paradigm that has controlled this country for so many years.

Libertarians advocate for freedom of the individual and limited government and stand up for liberty against government intervention in our daily lives.

So again I ask why isn’t everyone a libertarian? What is it about liberty and limited government that anybody in the right mind could be against?

Why a liberal be (that is, as the word is defined today)?

Liberals want our tax money to be used to provide for the poor. Is it the government’s responsibility to decide who I choose to give charity to? The government has no business getting involved in providing charity. We have FDR to thank for starting all that.

Why be a conservative?

Conservatives want our tax money to be used to send military aid to those we see fit to deem our allies and those who claim to be furthering the cause of democracy across the globe. It is also not the responsibility of the government to provide monetary aid to any foreign country.

By its very presence, our government poses a threat to the liberty of the people of the United States, both economically and socially. They implement and enforce laws against victimless crimes. They are completely inept at whatever function they choose to perform. They are completely ineffective at keeping our cities safe from criminals. They are completely incompetent when it comes to attempting to educate our children.

The government often chooses to legislate morality. Conservatives want to legislate morality by choosing who you can and cannot marry. They want to legislate morality by keeping you from engaging in certain activities because they deem them to be harmful.  Liberals want to legislate morality by taking away your guns and your natural right to protect yourself from harm. They want to legislate morality when they force you, by way of taxes, aka legalized theft, to contribute to social welfare programs that do nothing to actually end poverty and/or hunger.

Conservatives assert that they are advocates of limited government but at the same time they encroach on our daily lives by telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies. They shout from the rooftops that the government is too big but do nothing to make it smaller and, in most cases, propose ways to make it even bigger.

Libertarians, on the other hand, are consistent with their ideology and their actions.

So again I ask who could argue with the principles of individual liberty and limited government?

John Locke once said that the only legitimate form of government is one that will commit to uploading the right to life, liberty, and property. Neither conservatives nor liberals can claim that they uphold these rights.


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