Are Term Limits Necessary?


What do you think about term limits? It’s a popular idea and the people who feel so strongly about term limits have the right intentions. Others feel that the way to limit terms is through voting. That is, if the voters don’t like the way they are being represented in Congress, they can vote their representative out. On the other side of the coin, term limits limit the terms for good representatives, not just the bad ones.

I don’t think a constitutional amendment to limit the terms of Congressmen is the way to root corruption out of Congress however.

One way of course is through the ballot box. If the people don’t want a particular Congressman to continue their service, they just vote for the other guy.

Another way could be to limit the amount of compensation that Congressmen receive. We could not only limit their annual salary, but we could also abolish pensions. This could eliminate the idea of career politicians and possibly keep these career politicians from running for office in the first place.

The problem that I see with term limits through the ballot box is that the people simply don’t care. The people who care about whether or not corrupt, inept elected officials stay in office are in the minority.

If we are going to advocate for term limits in any way, it is not productive to try to get term limits legislated. Besides, what Congressmen are going to vote themselves out of a job? Get serious! No, if we are going to advocate for term limits we have to start with spending our time and energy toward educating the masses who continually keep voting these morons back into office. We need to educate people on why they shouldn’t be so apathetic.

This effort would be more productive because we not only educate people on why bad elected officials should no longer be our elected officials, but by educating the masses we solve a lot more problems, politically speaking, than just the term limits issue.

One thought on “Are Term Limits Necessary?

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