Album Review: Three Chords and a Half Truth


I have to say that I’m quite a fan of Face to Face which is why when I finally got around to listening to this album I went into it with great expectations. Sadly, I was incredibly disappointed.

First off, Three Chords and a Half Truth doesn’t sound like a Face to Face album at all. It sounds like they were making an attempt to sound like Social Distortion to a certain degree.

There are maybe 2 songs on the album worth listening to but for the most part the songs lack anything compelling to enjoy it. The songs have no punch to them. There are few, if any, good hooks that define the music of Face to Face. Save the decent production value, there is nothing captivating at all about this album. Long gone are the days of Big Choice, the self-titled 1996 album and Reactionary and long gone are the days of gems like “Disconnected” and “Blind”. This is not the Face to Face I grew to love.

It is just a lame, uninteresting and almost unbearable listening experience. I have not been this disappointed in a new release since Social Distortion’s 2011 album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

My friend Dave seems to think of the album differently. In his review, he says that the songs are “catchy and melodic tunes” and that the album should “please fans of the band…” I will have to respectfully disagree with Dave on this one.

Trevor Keith and company should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this turd of an album.


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