Campaign Spending Limits

Campaign Spending Limits
by Blair Pettrey


How much would you be willing to give, for ‘hope and change’?

In Maryland, in the City of Frederick (a city of 65,000 residents) we have our local elections this year for Mayor and our board of Alderman (city council). Campaign finances were due August 12th; and as of this posting, $196,873.84 has been contributed to campaigns- with 4 candidates running for mayor (2 of which whom have raised over $50k each), and 14 candidates for alderman (5 spots available).

My stomach turned when I first calculated the total contributions. $200k collected for signs, t-shirts, pens and the like – that will be thrown away in 2 months… doesn’t sit well with me. While one may argue that change costs money, it certainly does raise the question of campaign spending limits.

I have yet to research spending limits (or form any opinion) and I’m curious to know others thoughts. Leave a comment with your take on it!


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