RJ Harris To Run For Oklahoma Governor!

harrisAccording to a recent article on Oklahomans For Ballot Access Reform, Libertarian RJ Harris from Norman plans to seek the Democratic nomination for Oklahoma Governor.

A libertarian running as a Democrat?!? What?!?

In the article, written by E. Zachary Knight, RJ is running in response to the news that the Democratic Party had not nominated a candidate for Governor yet and he wants to put freedom and liberty ahead of party politics.

This would not be his first political campaign. He ran against Tom Cole for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District in 2010. He ran against Tom Cole again as an Independent for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District in 2012. Additionally, he had been seeking the Presidential nomination from the Libertarian Party but, of course, lost to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

On a Facebook post on his page, RJ said that he has actually planned on running against Cole again in 2014 as a Democrat but decided to run for Governor against incumbent Mary Fallin instead since the Party had not nominated a candidate yet.

RJ’s switch to the Democratic Party stems from a Washington Post article titled “Libertarian Democrats: A Movement In Search of a Leader.

The article states that just like in the Republican Party, there is a faction of libertarians in the Democratic Party. The problem is that they do not have any leadership like the GOP does in legislators like Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Ted Cruz.

Where is the Ron Paul of the Democratic Party?!?

The fact is that, currently, there is no libertarian leader of the Democratic Party. The closest thing the Democrats have to a liberty-minded politician is Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon.

I think that the reason that libertarians do not identify with Democrats as much as they do Republicans is because of the Democrats connection with the horrible administration of their current President.

Anyway, back to RJ.

RJ Harris is a self-described Constitutional Libertarian. He seeks to restore the Constitution and advocates for the ideals of freedom, liberty, and state sovereignty. He has said that he would pardon non-violent drug offenders and opposes all foreign aid.

You can read his stance on the issues on a Facebook post he published in April 2011 during his Congressional Campaign here.

RJ wants to advance the liberty cause and believes that its principles transcend party politics. I’m with you there RJ. Good luck!


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