Limited Government?

Limited government does not mean telling us how to live our lives or telling us who we can or can’t marry. It also does not mean telling us what we can or can’t digest. It also does not mean telling us that we cannot partake in activities that other people might find to be wrong (unless those activities harm another person). It also does not mean regulating the hell out of everything.

Limited. Reduced. Restrained. Constrained. Curbed. Restricted. Confined. Curtailed. Inhibited. These all mean the same things and this is what the founders had in mind when they put together our government.

There are people who claim to be conservatives and claim to be advocates of limited government yet these people also advocate for the failing drug war and for denying homosexuals the right to full protection under the law. These people do not promote limited government although they say they do. These people only want limited government in certain cases.

Bottom line – these people are liars.


2 thoughts on “Limited Government?

  1. There is nothing that screams “big government” more than telling me what I can do in my personal life; especially in my bedroom or home. If I am not injuring you, causing potential harm to others, and am an adult and consensual; than there is no dang need to have government involved; in any capacity. This totally goes back to the whole necessity of separating religion from politics.

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