Otter Limits Radio Recap (7.28.13)

Last night we tried out a new time slot for the Otter Limits radio show. Departed from our usual Wednesday nights at 9pm to a Sunday at 6pm time slot. Not sure yet if we will make this a permanent move. Just testing the waters, so to speak, for now.

Last night I really got back on the political bandwagon. If you remember, last week’s show was primarily about comic book type stuff because it was a sort of post-Comic Con special edition of the Otter Limits.

I kind of went off on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last night in regards to his comments about libertarianism. The main political topic of the night, however, was the many forms of welfare present in American society: social, corporate, political, and foreign.

Here is a list of the songs that I played last night:

Revolution – Pennywise
The Science of Myth – Screeching Weasel
Zero Night – Pulpit Red

You can listen to the show at the following link:


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