Otter Limits Radio Recap (7.24.13)

Last night’s episode of Otter Limits Radio was a bit off the beaten path. Politics took a sort of backseat last night and I spent a lot of time talking about comic book related movies. It was a kind of post-Comic Con special episode.

Spent some time talking about some of the big announcement that came out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con. In particular, the announcement of the Batman vs Superman movie by Zack Snyder.

Last night’s special guest was animated movie personality Jay Oliva. Jay is a director and storyboard artists for several comic book related animated projects such as the animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and did some storyboard work on the recent Man of Steel film. He is the director for the upcoming Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox film that will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday, July 30.

Here is a list of the songs that I played last night:

Necrocomicon – Teenage Bottlerocket
Fuck Authority – Pennywise
Crazy For You – Same Day Service

You can listen to the show at the following link:


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