Grau Honored (And Paid) by Insurance Industry

The McCarville Report published today that State Rep. Randy Grau was honored by the Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma for his work on behalf of the insurance industry.

Well good for Randy.

And why shouldn’t he be honored with their prestigious Eagle of Excellence Award? They are funding his election campaigns too. According to Project Vote Smart, the Insurance industry is one of the top contributors to his campaigns.

Oh wait, Rep. Grau has never run a political campaign. The fact is, he has never ran opposed. Hmmm….makes me wonder where those campaign “donations” are going.

For those that are interested, his top contributors include the following:

Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
Oklahoma Medical Association (Interesting, isn’t his wife a doctor?)
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma Bankers Association
Oklahoma Association of Realtors
Farmers Insurance Group

The Top Industries that have donated to Rep. Grau are the following:

Health Professionals
Oil & Gas
Lawyers & Lobbyists
Electric Utilities
Real Estate

Hmmm…….I would just be interested to know what he does with this contributions considering he doesn’t actually run for election….

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