Who Is Michael Hastings?

Well, first to answer the question, Michael Hastings was a 33-year-old journalist that had been a contributor to Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and BuzzFeed.

In recent years, he had become quite a vocal critic of domestic spying and was attacked the Obama administration for its recent “war on journalism” due to its investigation of reporters this year. He wrote an article for BuzzFeed titled “Why Democrats Love To Spy on Americans” in June.

He died on June 18 in Los Angeles in a tragic car crash.

The details of his death, however, are somewhat suspicious. The LAPD, however, had said they suspect no foul play.

For instance, during the crash, which was, according to reports was a head on collision with a tree, witnesses said that the engine was thrown about 100 yards. This is a bit confusing. I’m no physicist or anything, but why would an engine, which is in the front of the car, be thrown from the car after it hits a tree head on? Very peculiar. The way witnesses described the engine flying from the car sounds more like the car experienced some sort of explosion prior to or during the crash.

There are also reports that the day before his death he mentioned to friends that he thought he was being followed and even emailed several colleagues that he was onto something big and needed to go off the grid because he feared for his life. He had even contacted somebody from WikiLeaks a few hours before the crash.

At the time of his death, he was known to have been writing a story about the Central Intelligence Agency.

Another suspicious tidbit from his death. His body was cremated even though his family said they did not want him cremated. That is, his body was cremated without permission.

This, among others things I’ve read and heard about regarding Michael’s death, do not add up.

Now I don’t want to sound like one of those black helicopter, tin-foil hat-wearing folks but something doesn’t seem right about this. A respected journalist who is an avid critic of the Obama administration and the CIA and the Department of Justice just happens to die in a car crash under suspect circumstances?

Could the car crash have been a coincidence? Absolutely it could have been. Could this just have been a car accident that defied the laws the physics? Sure it could have been.

Just seems fishy to me.

– – Steve, Editor, Otter Limits


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