Sunday Evening Shuffle (6.30.13)

  1. That’ll Be the Day – Buddy Holly (from the album That’ll Be the Day)
  2. Norwegian Wood – The Beatles (from the album Rubber Soul)
  3. Stupid Girl – Garbage (from the album Garbage)
  4. Jaded – Green Day (from the album Insomniac)
  5. Living a Lie – Mike Williams (from the Living a Lie single)
  6. All I Know – John Moreland & the Black Gold Band (from the album Endless Oklahoma Sky)
  7. One Tin Soldier – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (from the album Have A Ball)
  8. Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys – Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson (from the album Waylon and Willie)
  9. Blue in the Face – Alkaline Trio (from the album Good Mourning)
  10. All I Want Is You – U2 (from the album Rattle and Hum)
  11. Pathetic – Face to Face (from the album Ignorance is Bliss)
  12. Until I Saw So – ALL (from the album Mass Nerder)
  13. In So Many Ways – Bad Religion (from the album No Substance)

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